Daily Tarot Card

Good afternoon fine people! I have a ritual that I would like to share with you… when I wake each morning, I like to take a moment to sit down and whip out my tarot cards to help with daily inspiration. I like to ask (and my people could be different from your people, and that’s OK) my angels what the world needs to know today.. and then I keep the card with me and refer to it often throughout my day. It is a small reminder/jump to keep me going! You like coffee, I like inspirational tarot cards! Anyway, I thought that it would be fun to share! Here is what I got for today:

Ace of Wands

Have a certain goal/idea in mind? This card indicates new beginnings, taking action and is associated with Spring which is perfect, because it seems that most of us are finally crawling out from that depressing winter rock; and looking for change… whether it be planting a garden or buying a new summer wardrobe.. getting into shape, starting a new career/business.. This card indicates that’s it’s time to take a leap or a step forward in achieving goals. You are encouraged to dust yourself off, put on your happy shoes, and get out there to smell the roses! Unless you are allergic, then don’t smell the roses…but you can smell the fresh air!! It smells like opportunity!! Be enthusiastic and inspired! Get that motor running! Most importantly, have an awesome day!


Psychic, What?

Sometimes I just don’t believe it myself, and often find myself saying “how did I know that?” 

Most people don’t understand what being psychic is all about, and rightfully so because it is a tad bit confusing to say the least. There are different gifts associated with the ability which include either seeing things in your minds eye (in your head, like a movie..) or seeing things in front of your face; like a vision, spirit or a shadow. Some hear actual voices, and some have a sweet soft voice that they can hear in their head (usually occurs in the left ear, at least that’s the way it is for me..), and this is all just icing on the cake.. there are so many different realms to explore when you have an ability. Actually we all have an ability to some extent, it just depends on whether or not we choose to hone in on it and practice.

Things for me started when I was very young, but for most of my life I chose to ignore it because at times; it was a bit scary for me.. it started with seeing actual ghosts, and one really scary one that I called gray man, because he was a very tall large man dressed in all gray; and had long whitish-grayish wavy hair. He would appear around trees, in my front yard…  and at friends houses even.. I guess I got scared to the point where he just didn’t bother anymore, because I haven’t seen him since I was a child. In fact, I really don’t see spirits anymore … but I did see an angel sitting a long side of me, and it appeared as if he was watching me sleep.. but, from what I understand in actuality he was exploring my channels.

I think I was in my 30’s when I started noticing a certain “knowing..” I knew things about people before they told me, when first meeting someone I would get a sense of whether they were a good or bad person; and then I started picking up a lot of vibes and emotions from people.. I really thought, OK.. I need to start figuring this stuff out, for my own sanity. So, that I did! I really don’t want to bore you with the details, because it is pretty detailed!! 🙂

Anyway, here I am! I decided to start this blog as a way to share my experiences, and to share yours as well! Sometimes it is really hard for people to take you seriously, and most are very critical and judgmental. This is a place of safety so if you would like me to do a write up of your story, please send it to: psychicdweller@gmail.com  I will definitely do my best to get back to everyone. PS, you can remain anonymous if you would like..