Daily Tarot Card

Good afternoon fine people! I have a ritual that I would like to share with you… when I wake each morning, I like to take a moment to sit down and whip out my tarot cards to help with daily inspiration. I like to ask (and my people could be different from your people, and that’s OK) my angels what the world needs to know today.. and then I keep the card with me and refer to it often throughout my day. It is a small reminder/jump to keep me going! You like coffee, I like inspirational tarot cards! Anyway, I thought that it would be fun to share! Here is what I got for today:

Ace of Wands

Have a certain goal/idea in mind? This card indicates new beginnings, taking action and is associated with Spring which is perfect, because it seems that most of us are finally crawling out from that depressing winter rock; and looking for change… whether it be planting a garden or buying a new summer wardrobe.. getting into shape, starting a new career/business.. This card indicates that’s it’s time to take a leap or a step forward in achieving goals. You are encouraged to dust yourself off, put on your happy shoes, and get out there to smell the roses! Unless you are allergic, then don’t smell the roses…but you can smell the fresh air!! It smells like opportunity!! Be enthusiastic and inspired! Get that motor running! Most importantly, have an awesome day!

4 thoughts on “Daily Tarot Card”

  1. Oh I love this!! What perfect timing for me to stop by and visit. I want to make changes in my life and I am striving in that direction and here is one more indication to add to my arsenal! I love tarot cards…I have a deck, I started to learn them when I first bought them, then I watched hundreds of Youtubers reading Tarots, which I loved. I haven’t gotten back to my deck yet, you know this thing called life and work keep getting in the way so, I’m so happy you are…I’ll be back!! Thanks for the knowledge. Wishing you a wonderful weekend and Happy Spring!! šŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks for the comment! I love hearing stuff like this!! I always say, pay close attention to the signs that you receive! They are everywhere! Be sure to thank the universe for them as magical things can begin to happen! It’s wonderful!! Happy Spring to you as well!

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