Angel Communication

My thoughts for the day (I’m not really a good at writing them down on paper or computer, they always sound so much better in my head 🙂 )….. well, yesterday was a day for numbers so I thought I would write a post regarding angel communication through numbers. Do you often see repeating numbers throughout the day? Or, how about when you look at the it always the same time? It has been happening to me a lot lately, and I absolutely love it because I know that my angels are communicating with me; it’s like a universal language!

I always pray before I go to bed, and thank the lord for everything that he has given me that day (it’s OK if you pray to a different being, everyone has their own right to choose). After that, I pray to my Guardian Angels and Spirit guides.. I let them know that I appreciate them, and I also bring about questions that I may have at that moment. Lately, they have been answering my prayers almost immediately.. right after I pray! I will see an immediate flash of repeating numbers in my minds eye, and like yesterday.. the same number will be on the clock right after I saw it! It’s amazing!

So, what’s my point? My point is, if you are trying to open yourself up to communicate with your angels and you just feel like it is a one way street, STOP! You really need to pay attention to the signs that are all around you every day, and in every single way! It might be a color, or something that someone said at lunch.. maybe a billboard.. and don’t forget to pay extra special attention to numbers that repeat themselves, my angels LOVE numbers! It’s kind of funny to, because if I forget to communicate with them and confirm that I have seen the numbers, they will make sure that they repeat them until I confirm. I just love their persistence!!

If you see numbers that repeat, the first thing that you need to do is to thank your angels for the communication. If you are alone and in a quiet place, close your eyes; breathe deeply and ask your angels what they need you to know… and listen very carefully, pay attention to words that you might hear.. After that, feel free to do an internet search on Angel Numbers, and you will get a million websites describing what your message means; it’s amazing stuff! But, like I said.. save the internet search for last.. you need to thank, communicate and listen! Have fun, relax and enjoy their company! Have a great day everyone!


1 thought on “Angel Communication

  1. I see repeating numbers every day all day long. Whenever I look at the clock it’s something 11, 2:11, 4:11, 8:11, always 11. I get super psyched when it’s 11:11…earlier today it was like super vortex. I saw 333 and 411 and 777 all together on the same picture on the computer, I was like JACKPOT! And I do say thank you every time I see any of that. I will have to incorporate stopping and listening to see what I hear. Wishing you a wonderful weekend! 🙂


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