Hi there! Just a little more about me…I experienced all sorts of phenomenon since I was a child, and kind of pushed it off for the majority of my life (a lot of us do..) I wasn’t ready to experience anything at the time, and to be honest.. it sort of frightened me. It wasn’t until the last few years that I decided to dive deep into my spiritual development, and embrace my gifts as a whole. I began reading, taking courses with like minded people, and joining various discussion groups to help me a long the way. It has been a wonderful journey so far, and very exciting to say the least!

There were different parts of the journey that I have gone through, and learning mediation was one of them. Learning to meditate has really helped me develop my gifts, experience mediumship for the first time, and it also brought me to this…. my blog… and that is where the name “Psychic Dweller” came from.. it’s a true story! I asked my guides what the next step for me was, and creative writing came up in my card reading.. and as I was reading my cards, the name popped in my head! So I figured, why not?!

Lastly, I really enjoy doing Oracle Card Readings and I love connecting with my guides! They really are wonderful, and help me deliver the best messages possible to those seeking clarity.

Love and light my friends!


Psychic Dweller

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